There are many things a renter can do without needing permission from your landlord.

Top tips for renters

  • Lighting: in most cases you don’t need your landlord’s permission to change your globes over to LEDs. Read more about the process here
  • Draught proofing: Although you may need to get landlord approval for any drilling work you do there is a lot you can do without needing approval. Read more about draughtproofing and how to identify gaps here
  • Windows: Windows can make keeping your home cool in summer and warm in winter very difficult! However there are some things you can do. For windows that get hot in summer (usually the West and North) a reflective dressing to stop the glass getting hot works a treat

    For windows that get very cold in winter (usually on the south of a building) there are window films available from hardware stores and in many cases simply sticking bubble wrap on the glass can really help insulate a window

  • Appliances: It’s worth understanding your energy usage in the home that is related to appliances. Some simple behaviours, such as turning off stand by power, can reduce your energy usage and bills. Appliances account for about 17% of energy use in the average home
  • Fridges: Set the thermostat of your fridge to the most efficient setting; your fridge should be set at 3° to 5° and your freezer at -15° to -18°
  • Laundry: Washing your clothes in cold water can save around $100 per year and will help your clothes last longer. It is also worth making sure you have a full load of laundry before running the machine. You can also save time on drying clothes by spinning the clothes on as high a speed as is possible. Whenever possible, dry your clothes on a clothes line instead of in a clothes-dryer, as dryers are very high energy users
  • Star ratings: Appliances with higher energy and water ratings use less energy and water respectively. Always buy appliances a higher energy star rating. The price difference is usually gained back in savings within a year or so. Check the labels and compare estimate energy consumption to find the best appliance for you
  • Reduce your bill: To save money on your power bill it is always worth doing some research to get the best deal. The NSW government has a website that can  help you shop around for the best deal
  • You can also make a choice for the environment with who you buy your power from. You can take part in the federal government’s GreenPower program, through most electricity retailers or you can opt for a retailer that focusses on renewables, such as Powershop or Diamond Energy. For more visit the TEC Green Electricity Guide.