Join us at our upcoming solar and batteries information sessions!

Seats are limited. Please reserve your place via the below links.

22nd November 6pm – Maroubra Bay Public School – Reserve your place. 

4th December 6pm – Lionel Bowen Library – Reserve your place.


Randwick City Council is part of the Our Energy Future program, to help residents reduce their energy bills and energy consumption, improve comfort levels and improve their environmental footprint.

Positive Charge, the delivery partner of the Our Energy Future initiative, will provide up-to-date and impartial energy efficiency and renewable energy advice and support for households and businesses. So if you are a resident, business owner or even a Council staff member in Randwick and need help managing your energy bills then please call our energy helpline during business hours, Mon-Fri on 1300 339 915 and/or sign up to our monthly e-news.

As part of Our Energy Future, Randwick Council is supporting a campaign to assist residents who are considering installing solar. If you want to know more about how solar works visit our solar information page here. The experts at Positive Charge have conducted a rigorous procurement process in order to find a supplier and installer to recommend. You can sign up on line here to receive an obligation free quote or call the Positive Charge team on 1300 339 915 to further discuss whether or not solar might be right for you.

Solar and planning permits 

Solar Panels in most instances do not require a Planning Permit as they are considered either works normal to a dwelling. However, in some instances a permit will be required if specifically stated in the Overlay (i.e. Heritage Overlay).

If the solar panels are proposed to be located on an external structure (not a dwelling) a permit will be required for Buildings and Works and will be assessed on its merits.

One other thing to be aware of is that strata plans have requirements relating to solar panel installations. So make sure to consult with the body corporate of your strata before installing solar panels.

About Randwick

Randwick Council has an ongoing commitment to sustainability and related initiatives, delivered mainly through its special six per cent environmental levy which funds Randwick Sustaining Our City program. Now in its third 5-year period, Sustaining our City enables Council, residents, businesses and schools to learn for themselves and take action across six priority areas including:

  • Coastal Protection
  • Reducing Consumption (particularly, energy, water and waste)
  • Tackling Greenhouse
  • Sustainable Food
  • Conserving Biodiversity
  • Community Participation

Further information can be found here (http://www.randwick.nsw.gov.au/environment-and-sustainability/get-involved )