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– Find out what appliances cost the most to run in winter

– Learn quick and easy tips to draught proof your home and keep the heat in

– Understand what type of heaters are the cheapest and most efficient to run

– Find out how solar works and how it keeps down energy bills

3 steps to help you stay warm and save money this winter

Winter is coming…but luckily, it’s easy to get prepared for the cold weather that’s on the way! Follow our 3 steps to help you stay warm and save this winter.

1. Seal those draughts

Improving the comfort of your home can be simple and easy! Our homes lose a lot of heat through all the little gaps around windows, doors, plumbing and air vents! In fact, all those little gaps might not seem like much but together they are equivalent to an open window! Luckily, you can seal these with lots of cheap products you can get from your local hardware store. Check out how you can seal your doors below:

For more videos check out this page and also visit our draught proofing page.

2. Heat smartly

On really cold days we all need some heating to get through winter! So make sure this winter you are heating smartly.

Most people don’t know that those trusty air conditioners are actually very efficient heaters in winter. The efficient models are much cheaper than gas heating! This is especially the case if you have solar PV on your roof, as the solar can power the heating when the sun is shining. So if you need to heat your home, consider investing in a split system reverse cycle A/C. And remember, avoid those energy -guzzling portable electric heaters! Read more about heating and cooling here and check out Ausgrid’s excellent heating guide.


3. Go solar!

Solar in winter-time? Huh? We know what you are thinking, but yes, the sun still shines in winter-time and in fact, it can be a great time for powering your reverse cycle A/C along with your other appliances.

For more info visit our solar page and get a quote from our vetted supplier!