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Hail damage: Solar Panel Inspection Guide

There’s been some wild weather this summer, with serious damage inflicted on properties across the country. Solar panels are designed to withstand weather, including hail and thunderstorms. However, just like your car windscreen can sometimes get damaged by extreme hail the same can happen to your panels. Poor quality solar panels are particularly susceptible to … Read more

Zero emissions homes

Do you think a zero-emissions home sounds far fetched or futuristic? Well it is a lot easier than you might think! In fact, it is possible to convert an existing residential home into a zero emissions home quite simply. Here’s how: Switch off gas – Natural gas is a fossil fuel, so replace your gas … Read more

Solar in winter!

Winter may be fast approaching but it’s still a good time to install solar. Here’s why: Solar still generates electricity because there is still plenty of UV light, which is actually what the panels use to generate the electricity Cooler weather actually means the panels are more efficient – on really hot days in summer … Read more

Feed in tariffs

A solar feed in tariff or FiT is the amount of money your electricity retailer pays you for the electricity that you feed back to the grid from your solar. Why would I send electricity back to the grid? When your solar power system creates electricity and you use it in your home it is … Read more

Saving money on your energy bills

We are keen to see people reduce their carbon emissions by implementing energy efficiency measures and reducing their dependence on fossil fuels. That’s why we have lots of tips and advice on our website and in our news articles. Reducing your energy usage also has the happy benefit to consumers that reducing energy consumption reduces … Read more

Clean coal fact check

The Our Energy Future team are always keen to hear from our eNews subscribers, so if you have a question about one of our articles or if there’s something you’d like to know more about please drop us a line. One of our readers recently asked us why we view renewable energy as a solution … Read more