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NEW Heating Buyer’s Guide

It can be hard figuring out which heating to get. With so many options for heating it can be hard to navigate and choose a system that will best meet your needs. Our NEW heating buyer’s guide is here to help! It’ll help you choose a system that is affordable, environmentally-friendly AND effective. Read the guide now

New Air Conditioner Buyers Guide

During this time of year, we know many of you are looking at air conditioners. However, many can be energy guzzlers – so it’s important to choose an energy efficient model for your home. To make sure you are choosing the right system for your home we’ve just launched a brand new air conditioner buyers’ … Read more

It’s getting hot in here!

It’s predicted to be another hot summer this year, with the latest Bureau of Meteorology outlook predicting that temperatures from December – February 2019 are set to be above average for the time of year, over most of Australia. When the weather heats up many people turn on their air conditioners, which can put a … Read more

Zero emissions homes

Do you think a zero-emissions home sounds far fetched or futuristic? Well it is a lot easier than you might think! In fact, it is possible to convert an existing residential home into a zero emissions home quite simply. Here’s how: Switch off gas – Natural gas is a fossil fuel, so replace your gas … Read more

Prepare for winter!

It’s that time of year again. The days are drawing in and the nights are getting longer and colder. Here are our simple seasonal tips for keeping warm, without it costing the earth. Don’t forget that if you need help taking action you can sign up to hear from our recommended suppliers on a range … Read more

Gas versus Electricity

Your hip pocket guide to gas versus electricity The ATA’s latest study updates their modelling to give more accurate estimates of the savings or costs over 10 years when switching to electricity from gas for heating, hot water and cooking, and adds solar to the equation. Energy analysts Dean Lombard and Keiran Price report. Reproduced … Read more

Saving money on your energy bills

We are keen to see people reduce their carbon emissions by implementing energy efficiency measures and reducing their dependence on fossil fuels. That’s why we have lots of tips and advice on our website and in our news articles. Reducing your energy usage also has the happy benefit to consumers that reducing energy consumption reduces … Read more

Fans are fantastic!

Summer isn’t over and there are plenty of hot days ahead. Fans are a great way to keep cool without the added cost of running an air conditioner. Why use a fan? Fans use a fraction of the amount of electricity compared to air conditioners, costing around 1-2cents an hour to run compared to up … Read more

Renters Tips

Our friends at the ATA have run a feature in the latest edition of their ReNew magazine (Issue 142) about rental properties.  Below are some energy saving tips for renters. We also have many hints and tips to help renters and those living in apartments to save. Please note that some of the advise below is trickier in an apartment than a free standing … Read more