It’s getting hot in here!

It’s predicted to be another hot summer this year, with the latest Bureau of Meteorology outlook predicting that temperatures from December – February 2019 are set to be above average for the time of year, over most of Australia. When the weather heats up many people turn on their air conditioners, which can put a … Read more

Zero emissions homes

Do you think a zero-emissions home sounds far fetched or futuristic? Well it is a lot easier than you might think! In fact, it is possible to convert an existing residential home into a zero emissions home quite simply. Here’s how: Switch off gas – Natural gas is a fossil fuel, so replace your gas … Read more

Insulation is cool!

Many homes have ceiling insulation, which is great for keeping your home warm in winter but did you know that insulation can also stop the heat from coming in to your home in summer? Benefits of insulation Images thanks to Sustainability Victoria Insulation is one of the most effective ways to reduce heat loss in winter … Read more

What a year!

We’ve had a great year offering our services in New South Wales. The pilot year of the Our Energy Future energy advisory service, delivered by Positive Charge, has been very successful with over 1MW of solar installed. This report highlights some of the key achievements and learnings for the 2017/18 financial year. Background After more … Read more

The power of hope

Sometimes it can feel hard not to wring one’s hands at the effects of climate change. We face increasing instances of extreme weather events, rising energy costs, record-breaking summers year on year, thousands of people being displaced internationally and so much more. But we believe that hope should still be strong. Hope can help spur … Read more

Solar for property owners and investors

Interested in learning how to increase the value of your property and your rental returns with solar? Our Energy Future is excited to be partnering with the City of Canterbury Bankstown and the Centre for Liveability Real Estate to bring a series of information sessions about solar for property investors. Find out: How solar can … Read more

Understanding your energy usage

Trying to work out what’s using your power? We always encourage people to reduce their electricity consumption but we understand that it’s not always easy to work out how. There are a few options to help you understand what’s using power in your home so that you can better find ways to reduce it. Plug … Read more

Solar in winter!

Winter may be fast approaching but it’s still a good time to install solar. Here’s why: Solar still generates electricity because there is still plenty of UV light, which is actually what the panels use to generate the electricity Cooler weather actually means the panels are more efficient – on really hot days in summer … Read more

Prepare for winter!

It’s that time of year again. The days are drawing in and the nights are getting longer and colder. Here are our simple seasonal tips for keeping warm, without it costing the earth. Don’t forget that if you need help taking action you can sign up to hear from our recommended suppliers on a range … Read more

Feed in tariffs

A solar feed in tariff or FiT is the amount of money your electricity retailer pays you for the electricity that you feed back to the grid from your solar. Why would I send electricity back to the grid? When your solar power system creates electricity and you use it in your home it is … Read more

Gas versus Electricity

Your hip pocket guide to gas versus electricity The ATA’s latest study updates their modelling to give more accurate estimates of the savings or costs over 10 years when switching to electricity from gas for heating, hot water and cooking, and adds solar to the equation. Energy analysts Dean Lombard and Keiran Price report. Reproduced … Read more