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Here are some simple energy saving tips for businesses

  1. Introduce LED Tubes. Replacing standard fluorescent tubes with more efficient LED tubes can reduce the energy consumption of your lighting by 50%. Incentives are available to help you upgrade to LEDs.
  2. Upgrade your fridge. Buy a new generation refrigeration system when your old one needs replacing. Newer fridges use a lot less energy than older models, which can greatly reduce your running costs. If your fridge has non-perishable items it may also be worth considering setting a timer so that it turns off at night.
  3. Insulate. Insulation in your roof, ceiling and walls can reduce heat loss by up to 65%. Visit our insulation information page.
  4. Install solar panels. Getting your power from the sun can save your business loads on electricity bills. Our Energy Future is here to help you make sense of your quotes and work out what is best for your business. Call us on 1300 339 915
  5. Upgrade your air-conditioner. Buy a 5-star air conditioner when your old system needs replacing. Every extra star can reduce running costs by 10%!
  6. Install variable speed drives on motors. For light industrial and commercial businesses it is more efficient to place variable speed drives on the motors of equipment such as fans, pumps, winders and precision tools, than using constant speed devices. Incentives are available, for businesses upgrading to a high efficiency electric motors
  7. Replace high intensity discharge (HID) lamps. Replace HID lamps with banks of T5 fluorescent lamps or LEDs, when fixtures are less than 6-8 metres above the floor. These energy smart lighting options provide brightness at least, if not better than, conventional light sources. You’ll save on replacement costs, due to the longer life span of your new lights.
  8. Replace your electric hot water system. We highly recommend heat pump hot water systems. Call our free energy helpline on 1300 339 915 for advice.


These videos might help you on your energy efficiency journey.

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