All Electric Home

The homes of the future will be powered by clean renewable electricity. In order to transition to this we recommend people building new homes set them up to be all-electric and for homes currently powered by both gas and electricity we recommend replacing your gas appliances with electric ones. This can happen at the end of the life of the gas appliance.

The steps to all-electric

For many homes that will mean switching off gas heating. We recommend using your reverse cycle air conditioner (RCAC) for heating and cooling, as modern units are extremely economical to run. If you have solar power on your home you set your RCAC to run on a timer, to heat or cool your home when the sun is shining, meaning that they can be powered by the sun for free and you can come home to the house already being at a comfortable temperature. Remember to insulate and draught proof your home, so that you’re not blowing that conditioned air straight back outside!

Another appliance that many homes currently have on gas is hot water. We recommend changing your water heating to an electric heat pump. Again, these are very economical and if you have solar you can set it on a timer.

When it comes to cooking many people prefer gas but induction cook tops (when paired with the right kind of pans) can be just as instant and easy to manage.

Here’s a video about what all-electric homes of the future might look like.

If you need help prioritising replacing your gas or understanding how the new efficient electric appliances might save you money drop us a line or call us on 1300 23 68 55.

For a bit of context (and a cool retro video!) check out this video from the 1950s. Now that gas is getting more expensive and we the transition to cleaner energy is more urgent than ever we are back to viewing the all-electric home as the best choice for the future.