About Our Energy Future

About Our Energy Future

Our Energy Future is a free, energy advice service, designed to help you reduce your power bills without compromising on comfort. Reducing the amount of energy (electricity or gas) that your home uses will save you money, improve your environmental impact and reduce pollution.

Our Energy Future was set up by the Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (SSROC) in partnership with a range of local councils across Sydney and is delivered by the not for profit organisation Moreland Energy Foundation Ltd.

Currently, there are ten councils across Sydney that are part of the program including Bayside Council, City of Canada Bay, City of Canterbury-Bankstown, Georges River Council, Inner West Council, City of Parramatta, Randwick City Council, City of Sydney, Woollahra Municipal Council and Waverley Council.

How Our Energy Future works

  • Visit our website or call our helpline on 1300 339 915 for free energy advice
  • Get free, independent advice and support for tricky questions about possible energy saving actions, quotes for products or services, installation of products and anything else energy related
  • Buy energy saving and renewable energy products from our carefully vetted list of products and suppliers
  • Keep in touch through our monthly eNews, Facebook and Twitter

What’s in it for us?

At the heart of Our Energy Future is action. We exist to support the community in transitioning to a zero carbon energy future.

We understand that some of the things holding people back from taking action are a lack of information, good quality advice and trust in the products and services available in the market. That is what we provide. In order to do that we derive income from a range of sources:

  • Local Council support
  • Management fees from suppliers for sales of solar PV, LED lighting and other products
  • Projects that we deliver on behalf of State and Federal Governments, and
  • Services that we offer such as Home and Business Energy Assessments.

Why go through Our Energy Future?

You can access a free, no-obligation quote from our suppliers through Our Energy Future, and if you choose to purchase a product or service from our suppliers we receive a management fee. This management fee helps to cover our costs for the ongoing customer service, information and advice that we offer.

If you choose to go through our suppliers, Our Energy Future is in a good position to help you if any issues come up before, during or after delivery or installation. While our processes aim to drastically reduce the risk of problems arising, things still happen and we will always be there to help guide you through to resolution. We have a customer charter that clearly outlines our commitment to you.

While we have done our utmost to choose the best suppliers and products, we also encourage you to do your own due diligence, as you usually would when engaging a supplier. And of course come back to us with your questions – we love to help!

If you choose to use another supplier you can ring our Energy Helpline on 1300 339 915 to chat to us if you have any questions or concerns.

Our Results

In the four years we have been operating we have saved more than 120,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions by:

  • Supporting the installation of more than 1500 solar PV systems in homes in Victoria and NSW
  • Delivering more than 500 Home Energy Assessments
  • Helping more than 11,000 individual households and businesses with general energy advice over the phone, and
  • Building our subscriber base to more than 14,000 people who receive smart energy advice and information straight to their email inbox every month.

If you think that Our Energy Future can help you, your school, business or your community, get in touch!