Why go solar?

Getting your power straight from the sun is a no-brainer. But finding the solar system that best suits your needs can be tricky. Our Energy Future is here to help. We are on your side.

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Energy assessments

Getting an energy expert to fully assess your energy needs can help you identify and prioritise ways to save.

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About us

Our Energy Future is a social enterprise set up to help households, businesses, schools and community groups save money and reduce carbon emissions, without compromising on comfort

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Our Energy Future App

The Our Energy Future app provides a personalised energy service to help local residents reduce their energy bills.

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What we do


Our Energy Future can offer advice to help you work out if solar is right for you. When you're ready to get an obligation free quote we can link you to tried and tested suppliers.


LEDs are the most efficient type of lighting available. Find out if Our Energy Future can help you make the switch in your home, business, school or community group.

Energy assessments

Our Energy Future can conduct a thorough energy assessment for your home, business, school or community organisation.


Make your building cooler in summer, warmer in winter and more comfortable all year round.

Draught proofing

DIY or pay a professional to draught proof, either way there are plenty of cheap and easy savings to be made. Perfect for everyone.

Hot water

We can provide advice on the best ways to heat and store your water.

Heating and cooling

Sometimes it can feel hard to keep the outside temperature outside. Here we look at some ways to help.


Understand how GreenPower works and why you should buy it.

General advice

We have great hints and tips for everyone for ways to save energy and money.


"The Our Energy Future program was the catalyst we needed to make the decision. Knowing that someone else had done all the necessary research was really assuring."

Lucy Marrickville

"...we have definitely saved on bills, but it was also important to install solar and batteries...because we wanted to reduce our footprint..."

Donna Bayside